Kayak Challenger Product Review

If you love water adventure without spending too much, the Challenger Kayak will give you the option for an inexpensive way to paddle. This inflatable kayak is light and compact that can be carried anywhere that doesn’t require a rack, simply put it on the trunk of your car and you’re ready for an exciting ride.

the Challenger Kayak looks great in sporty graphics design for its high visibility on the water even at far, engineered for a low profile that makes it perfect for lakes, ocean shore and mild rivers. It has a very comfortable back seat; this prevents you from tiring for long hours of journey. A large open cockpit area is provided that makes it easier for you to entry and exit on the kayak. Paddle is included on the package so that you don’t need to buy one for an extra cost.

Intex Challenger K1 KayakThis kayak is made of super-tough vinyl materials that turns it into highly durable, this is back up with a repair kit with patch so that you can fix it immediately whenever you’re in action. This includes an inflatable I-Beam floor for additional toughness and a streamline design for easy paddling. This also comes with aluminum oars and a 14-inch high output pump for faster inflation.

It measures 9-feet long that weights only 24.6 pounds that can be easily carried by a single adult person, surprisingly with its lightness it can handle up to 200-pounds of body weight. the kayak composed of five separate chambers in a way that it will still float whenever one of these is punctured.

It provides a nice room for your baggage in front if you want to bring along your gears for a long travel, this is way better and safer than bungee cords. This sit-inside kayak is excellent if you want to keep dry during a fun ride. It takes you only 5-10 minutes to inflate then you’re good to go, deflating is also easy and fast at the same time.

Once on the water you’ll feel safe due to its superb stability, paddling and maneuver is also top notch. On the negative side of it, tracking straight is a bit harder due to its small size and probably this would be the biggest tradeoff for inflatable kayaks. However, if a compactness and handiness is what you’re after for, this minor drawback simply outrun with the benefits it offers.

the Challenger Kayak is no doubt makes you a winner with its good performance, handiness, features and above all excellent price. As you can see, everything you’ll ever need are provided here to give the most out of it for a more enjoyable ride, all you have to do is to think of your next destination.

From storage, transport and inflation to deflation are all at ease, in just a matter of minutes you’re having fun on the water. There’s a minor issues on its tracking ability as it always been the case for inflatable kayaks, however, stability and maneuver are superb.

This kayak is suitable for those whose seeking for water adventure but can’t afford to buy expensive brands. If you’re looking for the best kayak, this is definitely for you.

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