Wilderness Systems Tarpon Kayak Review

If you like fishing and trying to find the best companion, the wilderness systems Tarpon kayaks are one of the very best fishing kayaks you can have. With their high-end design from premium materials to ease of use and big compartment for your equipment you have got everything here. This kayak is completely equipped with fishing functions. Catching fish with the wilderness systems Tarpon kayak is surely enjoyable and safe.

To provide you some idea about this wonderful kayak, it was based on the exact same design as the traditional Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120, both of them are made at the similar factory that is run by the single company. The older model is made for high-end kayaking and the new one was introduced to offer you an equivalent performance with half the cost.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Kayak - 2014 Limited Edition ColorsOnce inside the kayak you feel entirely safe due to its excellent stability. It doesn’t matter if you’re on lake, river, beach or calm sea, paddling is easy and extremely maneuverable, turning left or right is virtually effortless. This is good news for novices; you do not need to be a specialist to have a good time on the water.

Paddling for long hours is not tiresome with its good tracking, it will certainly take you a long way anywhere you might wish to go. Thanks to its outstanding hull design that makes your touring extremely relaxing.

A Sit-On-Top kayak has a large opening cockpit that makes it easy for you to enter and exit off it. A comparable kayak according to an Amazon reviewer is the Pescador kayak. The main highlight of the Pescador kayak that most people adore who bought it is the cushioned seat, with its best shape design it offers the optimum convenience without tiring even for long hours of sitting.

A 12 feet long kayak can be quickly lugged by single adult individual due to its light-weight. It also offers handles on both ends and sides for more convenience when two individuals will carry it. A big compartment on the back seat leaves you more space for your fish and fishing equipment, with its massive size it can deal with all your baggage for up to 2 days of outing.

Bungee holder is likewise offered to keep your entire badge in a safe place. There’s a paddle park that holds it whenever not in use, an oversize tank well, bottle holder when you’re thirsty and rod holder are also present to finish your fishing experience. As you can see, everything you require is offered right here to make the most out of your kayaking.

Having a high-end kayak doesn’t mean spending too much, with the wilderness systems Tarpon kayak you got a top-notch kayak without breaking your bank. This suits the widest water possible to fully utilize its effectiveness. The ease of paddling is exactly what makes you a winner with its outstanding hull design it delivers an overall stability, is highly maneuverable and provides great tracking. A comfort seat sticks out from the rest as it provides you an entirely enjoyable trip.

This perfectly suits everyone from beginner to intermediate paddler who is searching for the best deal kayak. Exactly what else can we request for this awesome kayak?

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  1. You will get a better boat for your money if you look for a use one on Craigslist or the classified ads on sites like Used kayaks sell for about 25% to 50% off their new price and since they don’t really wear out quickly a used boat is a good deal. Any new boat under $300 is going to be somewhat flimsy and not a great performer. That is not a big deal for fishing since you mostly just want a stable platform for sitting still, but you are talking about traveling on a river and those wide and flat bottomed recreational kayaks like the Pelicans and Otters, tend to be very slow, don’t track well and tend to sea-cock (this means they catch wind and currents and wander around in the water instead of paddling straight). A moderate touring kayak, around 12 long and no more than 25 wide, would be more versatile for you.Your physical size matters, too. Larger people need larger kayaks and smaller people need smaller ones the shape and volume make a big difference in your comfort and ability to control the boat. It would be tough to tell you all you needed to know here so i suggest you look for a specializing kayak outfitting shop in your area (not a big box store like D1ck’s or Dunham’s Sports) and go in and talk to the salespersons about what you are looking at doing and get them to show you some of the differences in models so you’ve got a good notion of what to look for, even if it is a used boat. The Paddling.net website also has good user reviews of most boats (though I think a lot of them are over-rated people don’t like to admit they bought a boat that may not be all that great.) See if there are any paddling or kayak fishing clubs or groups in your area, too. It’s always good to talk to others who do the activity you are interested in and get their advice on gear that suits your area waters you might even get to borrow some kayak models and see how they feel. You wouldn’t want to buy a car you didn’t test drive, right? Anyway, good luck with your kayak purchase and have a great time with it.

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