90121 Lifetime Products Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Soft backrests Maximum Capacity 500lbs

Price: $701.48

Product Description

Kayak World Products are currently selling the extremely popular 90121 Lifetime Products Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Soft backrests Maximum Capacity 500lbs (90121) for a brilliant price. Don't pass it over - buy the Lifetime Products Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Soft backrests Maximum Capacity 500lbs (90121) here now!

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This is a little snippet of my Kayak experience. This is my 'Lifetime' Angler 3.0 from BCF. I purchased it back in 2010, and have gone out fish with a few ma...

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Modifying my kayak.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: http://goo.gl/XO6UDc Lifetime (Sport Fisher) Kayak - Paddles & Back Rests! BONUS 6% DISCOUNT & FREE SHIPPING! 26 (5) STAR Reviews...

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This video shows how to mount a lifetime fishing motor mount 90144 and an electric kayak motor 1079184.

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Manufacturer Description

Do you love angling from a kayak or watercraft? The 90121 permits three people to kayak, fish, dive or simply delight in attributes. This Élite kayak isn't your normal angling kayak. This watercraft is very tough to suggestion and deals with well in river and tank waters. 2 paddles are consisted of to browse and the double hulls underneath help you walk water directly and promptly.

Product Features

Lightweight 60 lb. Design

CEP Customer
I bought this kayak for fishing on the Indian River. It is not sleek and fast but very stable which is just what I am looking for in a fishing kayak. I like the feature that I can also use it as a tandem with the kids. Purchase experience with Competitive Edge was excellent. They honored the Price Match like they advertise. Shipping was quick and well organized with a good carrier. I am a happy customer.

This kayak is very nice for an entry level sports fishing kayak. I purchased two of the exact same model for my entire family to enjoy the sport. I say entry level, because I question the long term durability of the craft. The lower outer shell seems thick, however, upon sitting and or standing on the seating area, (which you are suppose to be able to do to fish from it) flexes, and or dents a bit too much without "recovering" to full form. This was experienced upon the first day out on the lake. I have not contacted the manufacturer at this time with a complaint on this, but it may be necessary in the near future. Other than this, my family loves the kayaks, and my experience with Competitive Edge Products has been great! Thank you Competitive Edge for providing my family a new outlet for having fun together! I would definitely purchase from you again.

Hyde Parker
I have this kayak and two other lifetime kayaks. This one is definitely my favorite of the four that we own. The reason I like this one the most is because it has very conservative colors. It also has the real rod holders for fishing. I guess what I'm saying is that it feels more manly when you are on the river. We started out buying this kayak and have since had several friends purchase the same one. I added the trolling motor to help get around a little more quickly. We do not use it for fishing as much as we thought. We use it for soaking up the sun and watching the birds.

Good service, fast reply, kayak was a little scratched up, but all was good!

Very well constructed. Paddles are not the best quality, but fine for light paddling/fishing. Im a big guy, very stable on the water. Although there were some small scratches on the kayak, there was one pretty deep cut, looks to be done when the rear dry compartment was installed. AS FAR AS THE 10.00 BEST PRICE OFFER...I EMAILED THEM WITH A COPY OF A $499.00 PRICE. BUT GOT NO RESPONSE AND NO PRICE BREAK OR REFUND, as of this posting..???????

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